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Howell ACL-MCL Research Test Device


Howell ACL-MCL Research Test Device is for scientists who wish to self-validate** the science behind ACL-MCL friendly Howell SkiBindings.


Includes 6-foot by 6-foot by 2-1/2-inch square-tube 6061-T6 aluminum test-frame;

All frame components are to be assembled by purchaser using the cold-rolled steel brackets and stainless steel bolts that are supplied.

Applied-force line-and-tackle rigging;

Applied-force transducer / electronic signal-conditioning (with automatic temperature balancing) / digital-display hardware;

Applied-force ski-clamp hardware;

Released-ski preventer-hardware & rigging;

Stainless-steel boot-holding fixture and rigging (rigidly fixes any boot — alpine, AT, telemark);

6 certified/traceable 25-pound calibration weights (shipped separately);

Biomechanical ACL-rupture threshold data.

Does not include ski, boot or binding.

3 wooden shipping crates:  1 electronics;  1 calibration weights;  1 the balance.  All 3 crates have the goods internally wrapped in plastic to mitigate water-intrusion).

Available now for 60-day delivery.

FOB Québec, Canada.




☄️☄️ Special note to scientists practicing ‘normal science’ pertaining to ACL research —

Self-validation (or independent-validation) of Howell-biomechanics may be useful for scientists who remain attached to the ‘normal science’ of measuring torsional-tibia-torques and forward-bending-moments to quantify surrogate lower-leg biomechanics involving ski-bindings and lower-leg skiing-safety.

Independent testing of Howell-biomechanics is helpful to scientists expressly because the ‘normal-science’ of measuring surrogate torsional-tibia-torques and forward-bending-moments are “incommensurable” relative to the extraordinary and revolutionary scientific measurement of combined torsional-tibia-torques and abduction-moments that are necessary to quantify surrogate MCL and ACL loading — together with these ligaments’ interactions with ski-bindings.

The incommensurable difference between ‘normal science’ and the ‘extraordinary / revolutionary paradigm-shift science’ of Howell-biomechanics — blocks basic linguistic communication between scientists and Howell-biomechanics.

Combined torsional-tibia-torques together with abduction-moments centered at the ACL and MCL are naturally-vector-added — producing a combined-resultant that is manifested by position-(position on a ski)-dependent applied-abduction-force. This language and science is incommensurable with ‘normal science’: scientists who deploy logical-empiricism cannot step-into the real, tacit and experience-based science (extraordinary / revolutionary science) of Howell-biomechanics in the absence of performing the extraordinary/revolutionary science enabled by the experimental test equipment and methods offered by the Howell SkiBindings enterprise.

We invite scientists to set-off the natural psychology of the ‘Not Invented Here Syndrome’ — acquire the special research test device; gain firsthand experience and tacit knowledge — and come to understand that the simple measurement of position-dependent-applied-abduction-force to a surrogate with a physical-sample (an actual ski-binding-boot) represents the true combination of torsional-tibia-torques that are naturally vector-added to abduction-moments centered within a surrogate knee — to expose the interactions between surrogate MCL loading, surrogate ACL loading, and ski-binding function.

When this incommensurable distinction is experimentally-tested — independently — scientists can come to embrace the revolutionary science that is provided by the Howell Research Test Device that leads to the mitigation of these most frequent and highly severe MCL and ACL skiing injuries.

Deploy your gumption:  independently test Howell-biomechanics’ methods to step out of ‘normal science’. Step out of your comfort zone. Discover the revolutionary breakthrough that led to the development of specially-tuned, non-pre-releasing, lateral-heel release Howell SkiBindings that are MCL-friendly, ACL-friendly — and quite possibly, meniscus-friendly too.

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To order Howell SkiBindings:

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5–8   Extra ACL, MCL, meniscus friendly for women — with added valgus-canting.  Patented.

Howell Mars   DIN 5–16   ACL, MCL, meniscus friendly.  Powerful anti-pre-release at normal settings.  Powerful edge-control.  Patented.

Howell Planet-B   DIN 8–22   Titanium housings.  F1 valve springs.  Extreme-settings.  CAUTION:  EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY.  Max retention.  Max edge-control.  Patented. 

Anti-pre-release. ACL, MCL, meniscus friendly.

                       Howell SkiBindings

                          It was inevitable.



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