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Functional Decoupling

Only Howell SkiBindings are functionally-decoupled between retention and release:


Ordinary 2-mode bindings adversely cross-link retention and release:

    The principles of Axiomatic Design Engineering, formalized as the first new engineering discipline in over 100-years by MIT Engineering Professor Nam Suh — are utilized robustly in developing new Howell SkiBindings.  In this way, release is smooth — only when needed, biomechanically — and powerful retention / anti-pre-release — are always available when performing controlled, aggressive, skiing.  Only Howell SkiBindings deploy fully-decoupled Axiomatic Design Engineering technology.  Only Howell SkiBindings deliver powerful anti-pre-release independently of resease settings.  Howell SkiBindings are uniquely the 1st bindings that can be skied at 'chart settings' without pre-release.  This is a 1st within the category of alpine ski bindings.


To Order by Reservation-Deposit:

Howell 800 Venus — Loaded with ACL-Friendly features for lite & strong women.  DIN 2.5—9

Howell 880 Pro — ACL friendly.  Without pre-release.  DIN 5—15


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Axiomatic Design Engineering is formalized as the 1st new branch of engineering in over 100 years — by MIT Professor, Nam Suh, PhD, in his groundbreaking book — The Principles of Design, 1990, ISBN # 0-19-504345-6.