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Research Presentation to International Olympic Committee (pdf). FREE !

Research Presentation to International Olympic Committee (pdf). FREE !


FREE !   ACL Integrity with Ski Bindings by Rick Howell — an expanded presentation to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), March 16-18, 2017 in Monte Carlo — available now, N/C — is a 29 slide PDF-presentation that provides the scientific, biomechanical validation behind how the principle mechanisms of Howell SkiBindings provide ACL-friendly skiing. 

    First, the theoretical integrity-limits of the ACL are derived as a function of where forces that are associated with skiing ACL-injury events enter the ski

    Then, the release limits of ordinary 2-mode alpine ski bindings and the release limits of the new 3-mode Howell SkiBindings — are tested relative-to the above noted ACL integrity limits — by applying the same biomechanical test-method that is utilized above to derive the ACL integrity limits. 

   Please note that testing AT-binding release-function relative to ACL-integrity is a separate report that is not included with this presentation. 

   Also note that certain research studies that have reported on-slope electronic measurement of ski bindings relative to ACL-integrity — do so by incorrectly applying vector-transposition to analyze the lateral bending moment at the bottom (distal) end of the tibia, not across the knee.  These researchers confuse edging-moments with abduction-moments:  that research is invalid irrespectively of their 'professional' credentials:  they are so-called 'expert' witnesses for ordinary 2-mode ski binding companies.

    The abstract that accompanies this PDF presentation was peer-reviewed and approved by the IOC on Preventing Sports Injury — including peer-review by several orthopedic researchers who specialize in skiing-safety.  The presentation that is being offered, free, herein is an expanded, 29-page version of the 1-page abstract by Rick Howell — Mitigation of ACL Rupture in Alpine Skiing through Ski Bindings, in British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2017;51:283-412 [on-line:]

   Delivery of the free, expanded-presentation is by email.  Include your email address in your order.  Your email address will remain confidential within Howell SkiBindings.



   Anti-pre-release.  ACL-friendly.

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SITEMSH:   International Society for Snowsports Medicine;

ESSKA:   European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy;

IOC:   International Olympic Committee.

Copyright © 2017 by Rick Howell and Howell SkiBindings.  All rights reserved.


In addition to the above research, Howell SkiBindings company is against (a) ski waist widths greater than 87mm  AND  (b) all 'pin-binding's' (except new Trab TR2) — due to (a.i) their association with a new type of skiing-injury:  severe, high-energy tibia-plateau fractures, severe tibial-tuberosity fractures, cumulative miniscus-damage, and MCL-rupture;  and (b.i) due to high-energy, spiral-tiba-fractures.  Both new types of skiing injuries are the fastest-growing categories of injuries in skiing — matching the growth of fat-skis and pin-bindings.  The high-energy nature of the new types of skiing fractures involve many multiple-fragments, difficult surgical reconstruction, and 10 to 15-months of aggressive rehabilitation.  Fat skis on firm snow and pin-bindings in any snow (except Trab TR2 pin bindings) — are a serious problem for the sustainability of our beautiful sport:  the ISO standards on pin-bindings must be changed to reflect human-biomechanics.   References:  (1) Dominik Heim, MD;  SITEMSH-Japan, 2016.  (2) Zorko; Nemec; Matjacic; Olensek;  Alpine Skiing Simulations Prove Ski Waist-Width Influences Knee Joint Kinematics;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.   (3) Stenroos; Pakarinen; Jalkanen; Mälkiä; Handolin;  Tibial Fractures in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding in Finland: A Retrospective Study on Fracture Types and Injury Mechanisms in 363 patients;  Scand J Surg Off Organ Finn Surg Soc Scand Surg Soc., Sept 2015,  doi:10.1177/1457496915607410.  (4) Improved Short Term Outcomes in Tibial Plateau Fractures of Snow Sports Injuries Treated with Immediate Open Reduction Internal Fixation;  Janes, MD; Leonard, MSPH; Phillips, PA-C; Salottolo, MPH; Abbott, MD, Bar-Or, MD;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.