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ACL-friendly ski-bindings - presentation to IOC  (pdf)

ACL-friendly ski-bindings - presentation to IOC (pdf)


‘Newly updated version of “ACL-friendly Ski-Bindings” presentation to IOC — by Rick Howell on interactions between ski-bindings and biomechanics.  This is a newly-expanded version of Rick Howell’s research presentation to the International Olympic Committee Conference on Preventing Injury in Sport — held in Monte Carlo, Monaco, 2017.  

Available now.  

125-slide PDF-presentation provides scientifically-peer-reviewed research addressing how special ski-bindings can provide ACL-friendly skiing.  All 3 parts included for $25. 

    Part-1.  Epidemiology of skiing-ACL injuries — incidence and severity;  prevalence of ACL-injury-mechanisms;  ACL-computer-modeling / validation;  metallic-surrogate and test-loading apparatus;  experimental test data;  conversion of resultant/combined tibia-torques and abduction-moments at ACL-rupture — to unified-metric that establishes integrity-limit as a function of where primary ACL injury-producing-loads enter a ski.

    Part-2.  2D-biomechanical release envelopes of ordinary-2-mode alpine ski-bindings bindings — and extraordinary-3-mode alpine ski-bindings — compared with ACL-integrity limits derived in Part-1.  Biomechanical proof that ordinary-2-mode bindings cannot address ACL-integrity at any release setting, whereas specially-tuned, non-pre-releasing — extraordinary — 3-mode bindings can address ACL-integrity.

    Part-3.  Biomechanical derivation of special non-pre-releasing lateral-heel release-settings for a full-range of skiers, large and small — for ACL-friendly skiing — ONLY for patented Howell SkiBindings.

   Delivery of the PDF-presentation is by email.  Include your email address in your order.  Your email address will remain confidential within the Howell SkiBindings enterprise.

Available now.



Reservation-Deposits are being accepted at this time for forthcoming ACL-friendly Howell SkiBindings — coming October, 2023:

Howell Venus   DIN 2.5-8   Extra ACL-friendly for women.

Howell Mars   DIN 5-16   Decisive ACL-friendly skiing and powerful edge control — without pre-release.

Howell PlanetB   DIN 8-22   Titanium.  CAUTION:  EXTREME SKIERS & RACERS ONLY.


   Anti-pre-release.  ACL-friendly.

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Howell SkiBindings is against (a) ski waist widths greater than 90mm  AND  (b) all 'pin-bindings’ (except Trab TR2 and Shift, though Shift cannot address ACL-friendly skiing) — due to their association with a newLu-frequent type of skiing-injury:  severe, high-energy tibia-plateau and tibial-tuberosity fractures.  Both types of injuries are the fastest-growing categories of injuries in skiing — matching the growth of fat-skis and pin-bindings.  The high-energy nature of the new types of skiing fractures involve multiple-fragments, difficult surgical reconstruction, and 10 to 15-months of aggressive rehabilitation.  Fat skis on firm snow and/or pin-bindings in any snow-conditions are a serious problem for the sustainability of our beautiful sport.  (‘Pin-bindings’ are hardly “tech”.)

References:  (1) Dominik Heim, MD;  SITEMSH-Japan, 2016.  (2) Zorko; Nemec; Matjacic; Olensek;  Alpine Skiing Simulations Prove Ski Waist-Width Influences Knee Joint Kinematics;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.   (3) Stenroos; Pakarinen; Jalkanen; Mälkiä; Handolin;  Tibial Fractures in Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding in Finland: A Retrospective Study on Fracture Types and Injury Mechanisms in 363 patients;  Scand J Surg Off Organ Finn Surg Soc Scand Surg Soc., Sept 2015,  doi:10.1177/1457496915607410.  (4) Improved Short Term Outcomes in Tibial Plateau Fractures of Snow Sports Injuries Treated with Immediate Open Reduction Internal Fixation;  Janes, MD; Leonard, MSPH; Phillips, PA-C; Salottolo, MPH; Abbott, MD, Bar-Or, MD;  ISSS-Innsbruck, Austria, 2017.