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Howell Signaling Eyewear

Howell Signaling Eyewear


Receive real-time non-distracting visual messages.  $2000.

Deposit Price:  $99  (balance invoiced at time of shipment, 2019).     

Deposits are fully-refundable at any time.     

Deposits earn 30% discount.  Invoiced balance:  $1301 upon shipment, 2019.

First shipments — October, 2019.     



     Unlike all others, only new Howell Signaling Eyewear (sm) provides discrete, real-time, augmentive visual messaging for critical non-distracting alerts.  For example — top-right LED turns on — This means "right heel just-now approached pre-release", then — after 6-seconds — the LED automatically turns 'off'.  Normally no LED's are on.  Sensors are located between the binding and the ski.  Sensors, signal-transmission (from ski to mobile device) and rechargeable batteries are included.  Mobile devices and signal-transmission from mobile-device-to-eyewear are provided by mobile phone companies and mobile carriers — they are not included with this purchase.  Core app for Android and iPhone mobile devices, included. 

     This is a major breakthrough.

     Other critical and discrete messages (and other types of sensors and apps) are selectively available and sold separately — such as — 'time on parking meter expires in 10-minutes' (self-selected stopwatch within mobile and/or message is transmitted by local network);  'defibrillator battery is low' (measured by separate sensor);  'intruder in the house' (monitored and transmitted by home security system to mobile device, then to Howell Signaling Eyewear);  'budget variance meeting in 5-minutes' (self-selected alarm within mobile device, and/or detected by message from 3rd-party);  'selected-friend is calling' (pre-selected message-detection sent from mobile device);  'amber alert - go to mobile device for details' (civic message sent from mobile device);  'turn left here' (pre-selected in conjunction with mobile-device GPS/map);  'fire in building - get out now' (via text-message activation from mobile device);  'daughter's concert in 30-minutes' (self-selected alarm within mobile and/or by text reminder from 3rd-party);  'reached 4,000-feet in the hike' (via mobile device-GPS);  'sailboat race starts in 3-min 15-sec' (self-selected stopwatch within mobile, and/or activated by race committee message) ...  + + .  Up to 255 optional messaging-codes can be selected out of an unbounded amount of messaging-options, in-part, within additional mobile app's that are not included in this specific offer. 

   Luminosity of the 8 LED's are automatically adjusted to ambient light conditions.

   Text and/or images are never displayed — expressly to avert cybersickness and distraction. 

   This is augmentive eyewear, not virtual reality eyewear.  Augmentive is different from VR.  Augmentive eyewear messaging overlays the viewer's natural visual field.

   Other app's and other sensors are sold separately (TBA).  For example, other messages can arise directly from a mobile device with special apps, without additional sensors.  About 20 messaging-codes can be decisively remembered, quickly, by most people.  Messaging-signals can be selected and changed within the mobile-device's app, at any time.  Custom messaging is easily applied through selected app's:  for example (in conjunction with mobile device's camera) — '100th part on the assembly line is next'.  255 total message-codes are available.

    Invented by Rick Howell of Stowe, Vermont — inventor of 5 worldwide #1-selling high-end sports products

    Pre-order by Reservation Deposit.  Special group-orders (military;  police;  security;  manufacturing;  licensing;  co-licensing;  assignment — available upon request.  Contact Rick Howell at


      It was inevitable. (sm)


Copyright © 2017 by Howell Product Development Holding, Inc and by Rick Howell.  All rights reserved.  Patent-pending.



**US$20 is automatically-charged at the time of reservation-deposit for all international orders.